They say you can tell a lot about a woman´s age by the appearance of her hands, therefore it´s important to care for them as much as you would, say your skin or hair. You can keep your hands looking the best as possible by the following ways:

Hand Moisterisers – Hands are affected in many different ways, from the weather, harsh cleaning products we use, ageing etc, so they especially need extra care. There are many products on the market and they don´t have to cost a fortune. Soap & Glory Hand Food, Coconut Hand Cream, Dove Overnight Manicure Hand Cream, Nivea Nourishing Moisteriser are only some on offer. There are also creams for your cuticles.

Nails – Nails play a big factor in the beauty of your hands. Neat, polished nails, whether real or fake are not always easy to maintain, but they´re worth the effort. Recommended products include nail strengthening polishes to keep natural nails strong, such as No7 Growth Treatment as well as cuticle oil. There are hundreds of different nail varnish colours and brands. Gel nail sets can be purchased from most beauty shops which include a UV / LED lamp, polishes, nail files and more, as well as for acryllic nails should you wish to have false ones. There are also manicure sets for classy, natural nails with white tips.

Suncream – When on holiday, protect your hands from the suns strong rays like you would your face.