There are many products in which to treat your hair such as leave in conditioners, hair masks, hot oils, treatments and so on. Try to be extra careful when straightening and blow-drying by not doing it too often. It´s also important to try to remember to use protective heat sprays, although the best thing you can do in terms of hair-care is allow it to air-dry, and don’t overstyle it. Velcro rollers, or braiding it for natural wavy curls is a good way to avoid straighteners, or tie it up more often. Highly recommended products for hair care are: Keratin treatments, Argan oil, Moroccan Oil and GHD or Toni & Guy protective sprays. Also Redken Velvet Wip spray and lotion puts glitter specs in your hair, to make it appear shiny and glossy in the light, and to get it super sleek without using straighteners. The Silkat hair repair range is amazing and consists of shampoos, conditioners, oils and serums. The best conditioning mask is Kerastase.It’s over £20 a pot but worth it.  The other aforementioned products range from 5-10 pound.

Hair Growth.  The Silkat shampoo`s help stimulate the hair follicles, giving it a tingly feeling, and the oils which are to be used twice a week help revive the hair of its natural oils. These can be purchased online, and you can get them, or similar treatments in a shop that sells natural remedies/herbal supplements etc.

Keratin treatments are also good. You can buy shampoo`s and conditioners with Keratin in, such as Loreal and Pantene etc. Products containing Keratin can be as little as 5 pounds and over.

Recommended shampoos. Keratise conditioners are great for hair repair. Conditioning masks are brilliant, and really improve the texture of your hair. There are Good reviews on Aussie miracle shampoo and conditioner, also those containing caffeine.

The nicest smelling shampoo and conditioner which ensures your health is silky soft is the BedHead range.

Also, in addition to using products suited to your hair, take iron supplements if your levels are low.



Silkat kit 5/5

Argan / Moroccan oil 5/5

Kerastase conditioning mask 5/5

Iron supplements 5/5