Beauty Gone Ugly

There have been many instances where aesthetic treatments haven’t been carried out correctly, have gone wrong, or aftercare isn’t provided as well as it should be, and customers aren’t given the correct support needed.

Social media and ‘flawless’ looking celebrities / influencers play a huge part in tempting the public, especially youngsters to achieve the perfect appearance.

BBC X Ray – The True Cost Of Cheap Lip Fillers recently highlighted the fact that cheap lip filler kits are being purchased online, for as little as £23.00 and people are injecting themselves. Not only is this extremely dangerous, but most probably don’t even research thoroughly what they are injecting.

Worse case scenarios in self administering treatments or seeking it elsewhere is that patients are hospitalised, suffer nerve damage, and deformations etc. But these risks don’t deter some people.

The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses believes prescription products shouldn’t be sold to non-healthcare professionals / therapists.

Many aesthetic companies offer treatments such as botox, fillers, jaw and facial sculpting, amongst many others.

As well as the complications occurring, the standard of care is completely unacceptable. Some patients are not given the correct aftercare, and don’t feel comfortable enough to raise any concerns. Complaints, are treated unprofessionally, and in some cases, even blocked from contacting the therapists. In some instances, medical professionals are having to resolve matters by correcting procedures that have gone wrong.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s register sets out certain expectations such as therapists being competent, are supervised and supported so they meet appropriate standards of care.

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners and the parliamentary undersecretary are working together to ensure customers are obtaining treatments from regulated practitioners.

Everyone should be aware of being selective and safe when choosing to have treatments. Consultations should be obtained from healthcare professionals only and all steps explained thoroughly.

Image credit: Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

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