Here are some beauty tips to get you looking and feeling your best.

Skincare. The best products you can use for blemishes are Simple brand products that aren’t harsh on your skin, or other non-perfumed products. Witch hazel and tee-tree is also good. Chemical filled products may aggravate the skin.

Don’t over-wash your face, it’ll irritate it and cause breakouts. Cleanser and toner are really good, and cheap! It gets off ALL your make-up. Vichy moisteriser is highly recommended and none greasy. Try to only wear make-up when you absolutely need to, so your skin has a chance to breathe, and never sleep in your make-up. If you have a complexion you’re not happy with, see your GP/Doctor for antibiotics, don’t just accept it. Also Avene Clearance Gel works wonders for oily skin and you´ll see an improvement within a couple of weeks. Drink plenty of water to wash out the toxins also!


Make-up. When wearing foundation, ensure it’s the right shade by wiping a bit on your wrist. Always put foundation on your neck & blend it in—nothing worse than an orange ring around your face. Contour! Use bronzer along your cheekbones, nose and a little in the middle of your forehead and chin for a glow, and darken features you don’t want to stand out with brown tone powders / creams, and highlight features you’re happy with. Kim Kardashian contours to enhance her cheek bones and slim her face. Don’t go overboard on the make-up, either heavy eyes and nude lips, or bold lips and natural eyes. Best foundation, non greasy: Dior Airflash. Best mascara: Max Factor false lash effect. Best plumping lipgloss: Soap & Glory Pillow Plump and Dior Lip Maximizer. Best lipstick: Barry M, Max Factor and Chanel for all the pretty colours.


Fake tan. Shower and exfoliate first. Half an hour after, apply moisturiser to your elbows, knee creases, over your eyebrows and along your hairline. You don’t want fake tan settling in these áreas. Apply the fake tan. Always use a tanning mitt. Squirt tan onto the mitt, apply dots onto the body part you’re tanning (one at a time) such as your leg, other leg, tummy, chest, arms, and rub it in gently in circular or straight movements. Once you’re complete, take the mitt off, squirt tan to the back of one hand, then rub it onto the back of your other hand & viola, no orange fingers. Best natural tan is: Loreal Sublime gel.


Eyebrows. Tint dye sets are good. Dye them yourself to darken them. The colour lasts for two weeks, and the packs last a few months. Failing which, think about getting HD brows done professionally. Don’t over-tweeze, skinny brows don’t look good, Kate Moss even said brows are important, they frame your face. Pencil them in, but not too dark. You can even get stencils if you find the shaping difficult. There is also the option of semi permanent brows which Face Envy offer, and can give a free consultation. Some say it’s like having an eyebrow lift, and that it knocks off the years! In respect of the procedure, you choose your shape, colour, whether you want fine brushstrokes, or more false block looking brows. Numbing cream is then applied, and the tattooing itself just feels like slight scratching.


Fashion. Never follow trends unless you’re Giselle Bundchen and would look good in a bin bag! Seriously, wear what suits you, and flatters your figure. Try everything on in shops and really see what suits you, then stick to it. Any outfit can appear glamorous with added dress jewellery, bling etc. For example, hi-waisted clothes are in fashion, but don’t suit everyone. The main thing in your wardrobe which you should spend the most on is a decent jacket, handbag and shoes, as you’ll most likely use them a lot!


Hair, nails & teeth. To strengthen and look after nails and teeth, drink milk daily as you need calcium. Try not to have acrylic or other false nails, as they will weaken your own, or if you do wear them, ensure it’s not continuously, and give your nails a break. You should also take vitamins, 50+ type pills for example, one capsule packed with everything! Whitening strips are good for your teeth i.e Crest Whitening Strips, or the DIY kits, such as Hollywood White. You put gel into a plastic mouth piece and leave it in for about 10 mins, although it may make your teeth sensitive.


Weight loss. Work out. If you hate it, buy an exercise or dance DVD and do it at home where you’re comfortable. Also, as you’ll be saving gym fees, look on E-bay/websites for gym equipment in your house. An exercise bike, pedals, mat, skipping rope don’t take up much room. Go out dancing! This is a fun way to burn off those calories. Stick to the same daily routine when eating, and if snacking, eat fruit, nuts or salad. Instead of cooking food in oil, buy a grill pan. Grill meats, bacon, eggs, veg etc. Oily foods are fattening. Swap greasy chips for boiled or roast potatoes. Cut down on carbs. You’d be suprised how much weight drops off when bread especially is out of your diet. Lemon water is good at rinsing toxins and weight loss too.

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