Brows On Point.

May 9, 2019

Eyebrows frame the face and if neat, tidy, and in good shape can make a massive difference to your appearance and facial structure. Good brows also help in looking younger.

Today there are many ways of ensuring your brows are on point, such as drawing them on with brow pencil, using tinted brow dye, having them waxed or threaded etc.

If you’re fed up of constantly having to draw your brows on, you may want to consider micro blading / semi permanent brows. Thin eyebrows used to be the in thing, but nowadays the more defined, and arched, the better.

Micro-blading is when tiny hairs are drawn onto the brows with a needle. You can request natural looking brows, or block brows which are more prominent.

Micro-blading doesn’t take long, and with numbing cream isn’t that uncomfortable. Be notified, it’s very likely you’ll need two sessions. After the first session the micro-blading may have faded, and will have to be touched up.

Your brows can last for eighteen months and in some cases even longer, so technically it isn’t all that pricey considering the time length.

Face Envy UK offers micro-blading. For more information check out the reviews and images on their social platforms, or call for a free consultation.

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