Careless Beauty Posts Affecting Youngsters On Social Media.

Beauty treatments are all across social media, posted by celebrities, and entrepreneurs trying to sell their services. The severity of such treatments isn’t stated, and instead the illusion of obtaining perfection. People in the public eye are paid to sponsor treatments, products, services etc and while some stipulate this, some don’t. Young girls especially are seeing posts and photographs of beauty treatments carried out, and want to follow in the same footsteps. This can be both dangerous and emotionally damaging.

Young girls see airbrushed celebrities gaining hundreds of likes and follows, and may often make comparisons. This in itself can affect their self-esteem, and sway them to seek a ‘quick fix.’ But sometimes treatments can go wrong and the risks should be highlighted more. For starters, the majority of youngsters fail to realise that most celebrities hire the best practitioners money can buy, and not someone they quickly found via Instagram. There is also the expense of treatments, and the upkeep of which they aren’t often made aware of, or would be able to afford. Fillers and botox doesn’t last forever, and they need topping up maybe once a year at least, if that, for some desired results.

There should be warnings captioned on the risks of undergoing such treatments, i.e blindness from facial fillers not placed correctly, disfigurement when having lip fillers etc. While there is no minimum age requirement to having treatment, there should at least be restrictions on the audience sponsored posts reach.

The fact some practitioners would treat those younger than sixteen is shocking. Anyone under sixteen contemplating having treatment should wait until they’re older, to understand it isn’t a quick fix to confidence, and to thoroughly research the risks, and know it could amount to being costly.

Face Envy UK are especially very careful about who they offer treatment to. They are always willing to offer advice should you need it.