Get the most out of your make-up, and perfect yourself with the following beauty tips, inspired by celebrities.

Contouring – Contouring is used amongst the stars, and by many make-up artists on runway models. One celebrity that swears by contouring is Kim Kardashian. With a few simple steps, you can have high cheekbones, a slender nose, higher brows, and can even change your face shape altogether.

Contouring is the use of different colour shades, namely browns, and pinks, to enhance your features. Contouring is achieved by the concept of shadowing and highlighting. Think of your face as a blank canvas, and your products as your artistry tools.

Contouring palettes can either be creamy or shadow-based. If you’re a beginner, cream palettes are best, as they are easier to blend. Contouring should be applied with a different selection of make-up brushes – angled brush, blusher brush, flat brush, bronzing brush amongst others.

Contouring products can be found in most make-up shops, and are available online.

Apply your foundation as normal. Suck your cheeks in, and using your angled brush, sweep bronzing powder / brown shade along your cheekbones, toward your earlobes. To alter your facial structure, apply lines near your jaw, for a slimmer face, or underneath your hairline to create a smaller forehead.

Pink shimmer powder also works great as a highlighter, so apply this to the top of your cheekbones in circular movements with your blusher brush.

If you want a slimmer / shorter nose, apply a brown shade down each side of the nose with a small flat brush, and lightly along the bridge. To hide a bulbous nose, apply the shade near the nostrils in a triangular shape.

For a healthy, tanned complexion, apply bronzer using your bronzer brush to areas that the sun would usually tan – cheekbones, bridge of the nose, along the forehead, and chin.

To create wide-awake eyes, apply a stroke of pink / white shimmer across your brow bone, under your eyebrows, to create a higher defined arch. Also add some to the inner corners of your eyes. White pencil also works brilliantly on the lower rims of your eyes, and you can also wear your black eyeliner on the outer.

Contouring should be subtle. And don’t forget to blend, blend blend!

Contouring can even be used to enhance your cleavage, giving the appearance of a fuller bust, popular amongst celebrities, in particular Kylie Jenner.

There are many video tutorials on contouring online. Check out Superdrugs step by step guide, and video on the below link.