So, we’re in lockdown again and what a tough time it is for everyone. We hope you’re holding up okay and keeping safe. Whether your home schooling, working remotely, applying for jobs, or just trying to keep busy in general, we get times must be frustrating. So, what can you do to keep busy, or relax and unwind? Here are some tips on how to stay mentally and physically sane during lockdown.

# Exercise. Even if it’s a leisurely walk outside, or working out to a Youtube video, or using equipment such as an exercise bike, treadmill, weights etc, releasing feel good endorphins. We often underestimate how refreshing a walk outside in particular can be. Build goals, challenge yourself to hit a certain target, and stay motivated.

# Relax. As well as exercising, try to find at least an hour a day to unwind. It can’t be all work and no play. A hot relaxing bath, reading a book, watching a film, doing your hobbies, can help relieve some tension. It’s especially important to not only look after others, but yourself too.

# Set goals and stay motivated. If you’re unemployed and unmotivated, set aside an hour a day to apply for jobs, whether they’re remote at the moment due to Covid. If you have other tasks to do, again set a to-do list. Only treat yourself with time to unwind, your hobbies etc once you have achieved your daily goals.

# Stay in contact with friends and family. It’s easy to get lonely at the moment. It’s important you stay in contact with those close to you, even if it’s just a 5-minute check-in call. Others may be struggling too and your call may mean the world to them. If distance is an issue, video calls are even better.

If you’ve any more tips, please let us know on the Face Envy Facebook and Instagram page, and please continue to stay safe and look out for others too!