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Michelle offers a range of vitamin injections, all with different benefits for your overall wellbeing.

B12 is energy boosting, mood enhancing, aids sleep, improves metabolism, alleviates anxiety and depression and prevents anaemia. This injection is £30.

Biotin can be given monthly and is beneficial for improving skin complexion, helping with rashes, nail strength and growth, hair growth, structure and thickness. This injection is £35.

B complex is the ‘fat burner’. It regulates metabolism and appetite, prevents muscle aches and aids weight loss. This injection is £50.

Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant, boosts collagen production, and can be given monthly for general health and immunity, skin and healing. This injection is £40.

Vitamin D is particularly beneficial in the winter months when we are all exposed to less daylight. Vitamin D is essential for muscle and heart health, to strengthen bones, teeth and to help to fight infection. This injection is £50.

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