Prolonging A Suntan

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Prolonging A Suntan

Don’t you just hate it when you spend ages working on your holiday suntan, and when you get home, (if you don’t live somewhere nice and hot,) it fades so quickly. There are ways in which you can prolong and enhance your summer glow. Diet plays a part in this. Eat...

Improving Your Wellness and Mental State.

For some people it has been especially hard over the last year and COVID certainly hasn’t helped. Whether you’ve lost your job, lacking motivation, or going through a breakup, there are ways to improve your mental wellbeing. It might not seem like it now, but hard...

Hair Care

There are many products in which to treat your hair such as leave in conditioners, hair masks, hot oils, treatments and so on. Try to be extra careful when straightening and blow-drying by not doing it too often. It´s also important to try to remember to use...

Not So Perfect Pout

Cheap isn’t always cheerful, especially when it comes to lip fillers. Here are some things which can go wrong should you not follow certain procedures. Lumpy lips Uneven lips Swelling Severe bruising Rashes / itching Infection Permanent disfigurement This can all...


Get the most out of your make-up, and perfect yourself with the following beauty tips, inspired by celebrities. Contouring – Contouring is used amongst the stars, and by many make-up artists on runway models. One celebrity that swears by contouring is Kim Kardashian....

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